Managed Backup Services

Keeping a backup of your essential data is vital to the health of your business.  Our Managed backup services store your data in secure, encrypted vaults in the internet cloud.  Our Operations Center monitors the status of our customers' backup jobs 7/24 and we are alerted when there are any matters that need attention.  In most cases, we can resolve these issues immediately so that you have the peace of mind in knowing your data is backed up and secure


Central Management Console

The status ofyour backup plans and data are all displayed clearly in your Cloud Backup Management Console.  The console allows you to create new backup plans and launch them right away.


Your Data is encrypted from end-to-end

Any data that you send to the cloud for backup is encrypted before it leaves your network, and is stored in our cloud backup servers in encrypted format.  Without your private key, there is no way any third party can read your data.


Monitored and Managed by DunnCo

When you use our Cloud Backup Services, the status of your backup jobs, data storage and usage are monitored 7/24 by our systems.  We're alerted if there is a problem, like a backup job that failed to complete or launch.  Our Operations Center will take the actions needed to make sure that your critical business data is fully protected.